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Mild Steel Dimple Die Gussets (Equal leg)

Mild Steel Dimple Die Gussets (Equal leg)

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Here at Forever Fab we love to support our fellow fabricators, so if you're in need of some gussets with dimple dies punch into them...well here they are!

-Mild steel

-Available in 14 or 16 Gauge 

Equal length gussets, measured out from the right corner. Plasma cut out and punch by hand. Raw finish, nothing fancy you can do that part or just paint it. We ready don't care.

These are sold as sets, so adding 1 to your cart is 2 gusset.

People love these dam thing! So add them to your own projects or your customers projects, just to add that little something extra! 

What? You need a custom one made to a special size or pattern? Well draw us a picture and email it to us a and we'll get back to you with a price and eta of when we can do it.  

These gussets are made in house at our shop in Minnesota just for you. 



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